Monday, February 28, 2005

What is it with Doctor's receptionists???

Had to visit Boots this evening to get my latest Zyban prescription and do my little counselling session that's required to get the prescription. The prescription hadn't been received despite me faxing the request to the GP last Monday. The pharmacist called the surgery up to see what's happened, only to be told that my prescription was waiting and they hadn't sent it to the chemist because they didn't have an envelope!!!!!!!!!!! Is this the state of the NHS today? So pharmacist asks recptionist to fax it to her. Receptionist said she wasn't going to do it now 'cos she was on her way home and she'd do it tomorrow. So basically, me the patient has to go without 'cos the doctors receptionist is too bloody bone idle to post or fax a prescription for a patient who is on a course of drugs that shouldn't be broken. What the hell am I paying my national insurance for to get this sort of treatment.
Rant over.

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