Monday, February 28, 2005

My stop smoking plan so far

My stop smoking plan so far

Well as I've already touched on my attempt to give up smoking I guess I had better give you the stats. On the 1st Jan this year I got myself a set of bathroom scales that gave all the fat and H2O readings as well as my weight, as I wanted to keep an eye on my progress with the Zyban. Well heres the chart at the end of February. Maybe a little down on the weight and body fat and a touch up on the H2O levels, at least I've not put any weight on which is the main thing. And as for the smoking... well, I'm doing just fine so far, let's hope it keeps on that way.

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Anonymous said...

Cheers Steve!
This is John, from the John and Steve show. First I would like to say, "Good Work Ole Man"; I have been rescued from my pod shaped cell in Area 51, and rumor has it, I have YOU to thank for getting my pentiumII toenail message attached to the beginning of podcast #5.(A mysterious London URL was recorded in our database). Upon playback, my brother-in-law Steve heard my plea and came to my rescue. Good work Agent James... The Queen would be proud. I will be sure to mention my gratitude when I return in podcast #6. - John