Monday, March 07, 2005

What is it with Argos these days?

What is it with Argos these days? Come up with a highly efficient way of shopping, improve it with the addition of a more computerised system, then employ a bunch of clueless chavs to run it, so tempting me to go back to the old system of shopping.I popped into the Old Street branch at lunchtime today to get a set of speakers for my mp3 player. I already had the reserve code from an earleir online search. I used the quickpay machine and as soon as I had got to the collection desk the screen was calling out my number. It was then 20 minutes later before they managed to get the goods to me. Firstly, why do the staff act like they work in a bank, there we 50 odd customers waiting, 3 staff on the desk and 2 of them decide to go to lunch. The remaining girl had such a bad speech impediment she had to call the numbers several times to get the customer to know that their goods were ready. Meanwhile the screen continues to call out more numbers for collection, despite nothing more appearing in the collection shelves. What makes it worse is that I have already paid and therefore am at their mercy until the goods are ready, so, as usual, it's sod the bloody customer, we got their money and I'm off to lunch!

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Anonymous said...

"the old system of shopping" ... Is that what you call internet shopping? Is real shopping the new retro? Yelp!