Sunday, June 19, 2005

Three days - Three explosions

They always say that things happen in threes, and the last three days have borne true to this saying with an explosion on each of them.

Friday - Trousers
In my enduring quest to lose a little weight I realised that it wasn't my trousers that were too tight, it was actually my underwear, and the elasticated waistline was gradually cutting off the blood supply to my legs. I IM'ed Barnaby and he suggested I go commando. I thought better of it, just in case of 'emergencies'. Four hours later as I stooped to pick up some dropped change, a tremendous ripping sound could be heard and the crutch came apart at the seams. Hmm, with bulges becoming exposed, I resigned myself to another visit to the slightly larger trouser shop, in the sad knowledge that my waist really has expanded!

Saturday - PC
My PC has been playing up a little lately requiring several attempts to get the damn thing to switch on, so once it's on I tend to leave it switched on. In the early hours a large bang was heard as the PC totally died. As it was it turned out to be only the power supply and a trip to the computer fair behind Tottenham Court Road, a new one was purchesd for the bargain price of £10. However the PC is still acting a little strangely, a new PC will be got next weekend, so apologies in advance if there are no updates for a short while until things are fully sorted.

Sunday - Leicester Square
Tonight sees the premiere of the War of the Worlds starring the newly engaged Tom Cruise. In preparation for this, the square has been transformed into a disaster scene. Very well done in my opinion seeing as Westminster Council would let them move nothing except the bench seating. Click on the pic for a short slideshow of the destruction.


diamond geezer said...

You've made the Leicester Square disaster are look dead impressive in those photos. I was less than thrilled, but maybe that's because I was sharing the experience with hordes of immobile tourists. And because nothing was on fire when I passed through. But also because most of the area looked just as if someone had merely tipped over all the benches and scattered a bit of rubble around.

goldenlad said...

Thanks for the comment DG, sometimes you just have to hang around until they get out of the way, and sometimes a little (or a lot) of photo cropping helps! Sometimes you just have to live with the fact that there are tourists around. Damn them!