Sunday, March 13, 2005

Paddys and Poddys

Paddys and Poddys
It's always suprising just how quickly things can turn around in Trafalgar Square. Last weekend (see entry 6th March) they were getting ready for some sort of Olympic bid celebration. This week its St. Patrick's Day! It's actually not till Thursday 17th but hey, it's the weekend and Ken Livingstone has once again decided that his square will be given over to another party. A sea of green, green hats, green hair, and green water in the fountains, not to mention the Guinness induced green vomit on the pavements. I kept well back, well, you know what I'm like with crowds, can't stand em.


Been getting into podcasting. Now I've discovered the wonderful world of RSS feeds and news aggregators, got the software, and tried to understand it, I've decided I want to get on this bandwagon 'cos it sounds like fun. Have already discovered Adam Curry the 'Podfather', and the wonderfully inane Dawn & Drew show. Now all I've got to do is come up with some programme format that people will be interested in listening to. I'll let you know when it goes live.

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