Monday, May 30, 2005

The Knights Templer and the Virgin Queen

The bank holiday started as all bank holidays seem to with rain. Not nice. But after a trip to Morrisons to stock on up my weekly supplies the sun had come out and I decided to head off and explore the Temple Church featured in The Da Vinci Code. Although it's only 10 minutes walk from home I had never visited it before. Even with the aid of a map it was still a little tricky to find, being hidden away in the secret enclaves of the legal area of London. Most of the signposted entryways into this area were closed but one back street leads you into the complex.
WOW, this is yet another hidden village I had until now, known nothing about. A complex of pretty gardens, courtyards and churches, this area is steaming in history and one I will venture back to again, partly because Temple Church itself was closed to the public today. However wandering around, I stumbled across Middle Temple Hall and a film crew, filming, Elizabeth Virgin Queen, a BBC costume drama that will be on screen early 2006. It was obviously their lunchbreak time as the actors were all milling around in the courtyard outside. Very strange to watch people in full Elizabethan dress, checking their mobiles, having a fag (that's cigarette for my American readers) and checking out the latest gossip from the Big Brother house in the papers. Click on the pic for the full slideshow of todays pics.

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Anonymous said...

Please continue telling us about your next visit to the Temple Church.