Saturday, April 23, 2005

St. George's Day 2005

April 23rd, for those of you that forget, is St. George's Day, and also the day that William Shakespeare was born and died (although not on the same year obviously). Once again Mr Livingstone has organised a day of festivites around London to celebrate our national hero. However, if you're listening Ken, how about spending some more on celebrating our day, as much as you spend on Chinese New Year, and St. Patricks day etc. Instead, going by the festivites in Trafalgar Square, you've turned it into another "Back the Bid for the 2012 Olympics". When will you learn, it doesn't matter how much we back the bid, the decision rests with the IOC and not us Londoners. Nice to see though that you have erected a giant countdown clock until the moment Paris is told it's won! Celebration photos of Morris Dancers in Covent Garden can be found here.

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Barnaby said...

A fact:
St George was actually of middle eastern or turkish extraction and fled to the UK - so he was an asylum seeker! I wonder how the BNP would react that that little nugget of news.