Friday, June 03, 2005

Aaaarghhh Crunch Ouch!!!

Bugger. I've been having some shoulder and back pain for the last few weeks, I guess it's probably more to do with my bad posture when reclining on the sofa watching TV and also more than likely the number of pillows I like to have in bed, (was 10 but now reduced to 6). Not all under my head though, but sort of arranged so that I can snuggle up in the middle of them. Over the last month I've not been able to scratch my back with my left hand and the should had been getting a little stiff and somewhat uncomfortable. So, went to reach into the kitchen cupboard for a coffee mug this morning, and 'crunch' I felt, and heard it, as my shoulder sort of spasmed then felt very dead indeed. I can see a visit to an osteopath or chiropracter coming up very soon so sort this out. Phoned in sick to work and spent the rest of the day laid up in front of the TV, in a different position, mostly on the floor because that was the most comfortable way to relax. Feeling a little better now, a bit looser and not quite so dead any more, but it's still very painful. Have left little post-it notes all over the kitchen to remind me to only open the cupboards with my right hand, in the hope that I don't crunch my left shoulder again.

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