Sunday, April 24, 2005

Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction

It seems only a few days ago that I reported on spaceships just around the corner. Once again the local streets have been invaded. Yep, another film crew had landed.
I'd heard a lot of car horns beeping away outside my bedroom window, and on looking out had seen that the road was blocked by the police. I knew there was some filming going on today and guessed that there was something major going on, so popped out to have a look (and get some milk as well).
Arriving at the usual place, outside Freemasons Hall, it was obvious why the traffic had been stopped. A street scene was being filmed. Turns out they are filming Basic Instinct 2, due for release next year. There were huge crowds of cameramen, and massive lighting rigs, even a fire engine to hose the road down for a rainy scene. I hung around for a while and witnessed a few takes, (men on bikes, men in raincoats, men getting into cabs etc.) although being faceblind I can't say I recognised anyone famous. I might even have made it into the background of one of the scenes. I shall be on the credits as "Bloke in naff T-shirt carrying milk"
Click the pic for further location shots.

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