Sunday, April 17, 2005

A grubby back passage, a marathon and some art.

Grubby Back Passage
In a small lane, hidden behind Kings College on the Strand and the old Aldwych tube station is a little hidden gem. An old Roman Bath, although it might not be Roman at all. However Charles Dickens took a bath in it once so it is old. Would have been nice if he'd washed it when he left. Interior pics through the window were a disaster!

A Marathon
Once again, several tens of thousands of people decide to go for a run. During the week, when the roads are a little bit busy, Ken Livingstone charges us all a fiver to use them or forces us to use the tube at fastly inflating prices. Today, when all these nutters want to block 26 miles of prime London road, they get to use the tubes for free, while I am unable to use the road to drive my car on, on the days that there is supposed to be no congestion. Why?

Some Art
Eventually got to the Tate Modern again. Wanted to see the Bruce Naumann soundscape thing before it closes. Select the link to hear it yourself. Throughly enjoyed that before strapping on my MP3 player to catch up on some podcasts while wandering the rest of the gallery. The building is so overpowering, that whilst wandering around, I realised that I had never really been to look at the art here before, instead I normally tend to just wander around and get blown away by the sheer scale of the place. Today, I rediscovered the Rothko room, which I haven't seen since it was at Millbank. Now I can get blown away by the sheer scale of the art. A blissful afternoon.

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