Saturday, April 16, 2005

Return to the underworld

Two weeks ago you may recall I discovered the delights of Canary Wharf. I was so taken by it that I went back for another visit today. Parking up in the same place as before and then wandering off into the shopping centre, I took a turning that I had noted before but had not taken. This led through more corridors and eventually into the concourse of the tube station (which we had only viewed from above previously) continuing in the same direction brings you to yet another underground shopping centre, Jubilee Place, more roomy and airier than the other. What, what a shock as I had not expected to find this here. The huge bank of escalator took me up to the small park above, supposedly the same size as Trafalgar Square! I took a few pics of the stone sculptures that are currently on display before descending back into the depths and back towards Cabot Square.

I found some more escalator that we had ignored previously and this brought me up to the most luxurious Tesco Metro I had ever seen. WOW. I shall most definitely be coming back here again. It's still only my 2nd favourite shopping centre, but only just. The rumours in the free paper talk about House of Fraser moving in with a nice big department store. Now that will be Heaven! Further pics from the day are here.

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