Monday, April 04, 2005

It's Monday

Some days there's not a lot worth reporting back on, hence the fact there are a few days in this blog with very little to say. Been trawling through some of the blogs on my blogroll and had a look again at Gabe & Gabe who do an occasional vlog (video log).
Thought to myself, I could have a go at that, I'm always up for something different, playing with various little online applications etc. that I've come across (I take it you've already seen the Slideroll on Saturday) So here's my first vlog, it's a little film I made a couple of years ago at the Tate Modern when the "Weather Project" was on. Nothing special, more a tryout at this moment, but if it works, (you'll need to click on it to get it going) then I'll come back with some more vlogs in the coming months. Feedback appreciated.

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