Sunday, April 10, 2005

Streatham Kite Festival

A pleasant afternoon. Time for the annual Streatham Kite Festival. I've been a couple of times before as Barnaby and Carl are both into kiting and it's nice to get out the house and go and see. It was busier this year than in previous years, although in comparison to some of the other kite festivals I understand that this is more of a village fete. However, there were a few interesting inflatables, some of which are in the attached photo set.

I decided to bring my camcorder out of hibernation and do another vlog, however having taken some stunning footage of some wonderful kites, I've got home to find that Windows has decided to go on strike and refuses to do anything. Fine, it lets me import the video and do all the little edits to make it watchable, but the second I try to save it I get the dreaded "Not responding" message. I know I need to reinstall XP again, but that really is a full weekends work, as I have to then reinstall all the bits and pieces I've added since the last reinstall. Hmmm, I think I see a new PC on its way in the not too distant future.

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