Tuesday, May 17, 2005


There was a time when I was often complimented on the size of the bulge in my trousers, however in recent weeks, particularly since I managed to give up smoking 14 weeks ago I have noticed that there is a certain bulge appearing above the waistline which no one has complimented me on. Barnaby took a pic last week and I looked pregnant in it. To be honest I have put on just over 20lbs since 7th February and now is the time to do something about it. So, the Cabbage Soup Diet, which has been recommended to me by a neighbour is now about to become a reality. I’ve thought about it, looked at the recipe and decided against it as it does look pretty awful, but if I can lose the suggested 10lbs in a week then it will be worth it. A trip to Tescos and the ingredients have been sourced and are currently sitting in the slow cooker ready for a flaskful to be taken to work with me tomorrow. I gave up smoking without much problem so I guess I can force myself to do this. At least it's only for a week at a time. Keep checking back for daily updates. Today’s weight at 6pm was 209½lbs.

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Barnaby said...

Yup - sure looks awful! I am sure that it will help but god save the one-celled organisms in your flat...I am sure that it is going to produce enough gas to power WC1!

Good luck!!!