Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Midday - Day One of the diet.

I started the day with a couple of slices of toast. I don't think they are part of the diet, but it doesn't actually say that I can't have it, but I decided I would need something just to bulk me up for the start of the day. I'm not one for having breakfast anyway and have been advised that I should have somethig to get me going, so there you go. Had a black coffee with no sugar. Yuck. Will have black coffee with one sugar from now on, it still better than the 3 sugars I would normally have.
The soup isn't so bad so far, although I did over salt it a bit so I am suffering with a cringy look on my face everytime I manage a mouthful. Have got a craving for chocolate, but I guess that's only because I'm thinking about it. Already scoffed half a fruit bowl. Feel better already. Check back at 6 for todays weight reading.

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