Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Filling time

Dear fellow Bloggers,
I just wanted to keep intouch, it's been a few days since I last posted a decent blog, other than the last couple of bloglets that I have tried my hand at, but to be honest not a lot has happened. Friday was the last day of my official holiday from work, so I made a trip to Croydon and had a wander around to see how much things had changed since I last went shopping there. A lot as it happens, it's almost unrecognisable now, and I can see why Allders went bust, how many other department stores still have a grandfather clock department? The whole of Croydon seemed to be crawling with chavs, some cute but mostly not. A quick trip down to Dad's to give him his brithday pressie then back home.
The rest of the weekend has been very much just hanging around in the flat, doing a bit of tidying up etc. getting ready for back to work. Quick visit to catch up with Griff and Andrew on Sunday afternoon.Now I'm back at work, it's Tuesday afternoon, bit busy, bit bored, now looking forward to the end of June when I get my next few days off work and hopefully can get out of London and go camping.
Until the the next update...

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