Monday, May 02, 2005

Getting out of London

I suggested to Barnaby yesterday that Woburn Abbey would be a good place to go today, for no other reason that I recall seeing the sign on the M1 last summer and thought it would be good to see. The weather was looking like it would be good so we set off early. Good job too, we made it there in just under an hour (it took longer getting back).

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the main building for the usual reasons of the old paintings, and them wanting to sell the guide books. What was fascinating for me especially is that this is the home of the Russell family, the seat of the Dukes of Bedford, the family that once owned the very ground that I live on now, and a lot more in the areas of Covent Garden and Bloomsbury. When you think of Russell Square, Upper Woburn Place, Bedford Square etc. these are all grounds that they once owned.

It saddened me to think that a whole wing of the house had been demolished in the 1940's due to woodworm. No wonder some of the rooms seemed so crammed with wonderful furniture and paintings. Todays set of pics can be found by clicking on the image above.

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