Sunday, May 01, 2005

There's just soo much waist/waste...

Bank Holiday Sunday, got bored sleeping, so there I was, up and awake at some ungodly hour this morning. Even Barnaby commented when I emailed him that I was up early. I could already tell that today would be a glorious day, perfect for getting out and about. I slapped on a cheerful Aqua album to get me off to a good start, and shortly afterwards had the embarrassment of catching myself dancing in the bathroom mirror. I thought at first that the mirror suffered from time lag as the reflection seemed to continue jiggling after I had stopped. Alas, there was no time lag, it was only too evident that giving up smoking I had put a little bit of weight on, and my waistline is certainly drawing me towards the slightly larger trousers shop yet again.

Well I had decided that I would get out this week, so what better than to get out while its early and before it gets too hot for me to be walking around. Off I went to Tower Hill, taking a tube with the intention of walking back and killing a few pounds in the process. Tower Bridge was closed to traffic, as I recall from being diverted when I tried to drive over it yesterday, but this gave a great opportunity to get some good photos in, you can find those here.

Had a quick wander around Butler's Wharf, some nice little eateries around here, and still being early in the day meant a dearth of tourists and a good chance to have a nose around the area. Continued across to City Hall and had a look what was going on around here. Found the Weeeman, a statue made entirely of the electrical goods that each of us is expected to use in a lifetime. Extraordinary to think that I would be getting through several washing machines, toasters, irons etc etc, but it really makes you think how much you throw away, that after some recycling still has a use. In fact it made be almost embarrassed to admit how much I have already thrown away in the past that still had a use without needing to be recycled.
Behind City Hall, is The Scoop, a sort of concave seating area that appears to have been scooped out of the ground. An exhibition was going on of the most thought provoking photographs by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. This collection, Earth from the Air, is well worth a visit, it's on until the end of September. And when you visit, don't just look at the wonderful photography, take some time to read the attached factsheets. You'll be fascinated, and unfortunately saddened at the facts revealed.

“An average French citizen consumes between 150 and 250 litres of water per day. Only 2 litres is used for drinking. Therefore less than 0.5% of the water treated for drinking is in fact drunk.”

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