Saturday, July 30, 2005

A holiday experiment.

It's been a long time I know since I last blogged anything half interesting, but now I am officially at the start of a week off and the chance to go camping again. Barnaby and I are off to Symond's Yat first thing Sunday morning. Be great to get away for a few days and plans on doing nice healthy things, canooeing, hiking, stuff like that.
Was a bit of a shock earlier, I was starting to load the car up and amongst all the stuff that accumulates in the boot, I soon realised I had all I need for an impromptu picnic at any time. Nothing like feeling old to realise that you are carrying a selection of tartan rugs, foldable tables and chairs and that sort of stuff. Made me feel a bit like my Dad!
So, onto my experiment. I want to see just how easy it is to blog from the wilds, so with my new Lifedrive I am going to attempt to blog something interesting at least once a day over the next few days. Blogging from my tent, a canoo, a castle, a woodland, or wherever we may find ourselves. However all good plans say that I won't be finding myself a Wifi cafe or a good mobile signal. Recalling last time I went there, we had no signsl on T-Mobile at all.
At least I know that the technology works. This blog was written on the Lifedrive and sent via GPRS. Come back tomorrow eve for the first update and see if we managed to pitch the tent without too much hassle.

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