Sunday, July 31, 2005

We have arrived

Here at last. A good run up on the motorway and arrived with dry weather. Got the tent up with an expected struggle, then went to hit Waitrose in Monmouth. Monmouth is having a week long festuval so the road was blocked.
A quick trip up to Symonds Yat to take a few pics from the viewpoint then back to the tent for some Jack Daniels and a barbecue as you can hopefully see in the attached pic. (yes this is my 1st proper attempt at mobile blogging).
Off for a walk now and hopefully I can get a mobile signal further up the hill. Back tomorrow with more exciting things that we have got up to.
(update: This post failed when I tried to send it as the pic attached was over 1meg and after it had failed my PAYG balance had dropped by £5, although I kept a sort of mini blog while I was away, I shall upload it retrospectively, with photos.)

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