Saturday, July 16, 2005

It all happens on Drury Lane

Firstly, apologies for another delay in my blogging. You know how it is, sometimes there's just too much to report back on that it's difficult to know what to say. London has pretty much got back to normal since the bombings last week. Partly due to the Britishness of "Having a cuppa" and mostly due to the defiance that we will let terrorism destroy our way of life. The 2 minutes silence on Thursday with almost everyone on the streets, certainly showed the terrorists just how defiant we could be.
Seems I now have the new PC in a position that is totally like my old PC, reinstalled all the old software, installed some that the old PC would never run, got myself a Palm Lifedrive with wifi capabilities and so also got a wireless network. I can now blog and Flickr without having to get out of bed!!!
Heard an almighty noise outside about an hour ago, looked out and saw the London Air Ambulance hovering overhead, obviously looking for a place to land. The only open space I could think of was Lincoln's Inn Fields, but no, they decide they can land on the crossroads just a few yards from the flat. Of course, I was out there with the camera as soon as possible, that junction has seen so much lately, filming of Basic Instinct 2, spaceships getting parking tickets etc. etc.
You've really got to hand it to those guys who pilot that thing, landing it with only inches to spare on either side, surrounded by scaffolding poles on one side and street signs all around. No one was carried away in it, although I didn't see any paramedics return before it took off. Overheard that it was to do with a car accident nearby, but not sure where though. I heard it again a few minutes later so perhaps it was trying to land again nearer the scene of the accident.
As usual, click the pic for a slideshow of all the pics I took.

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Barnaby said...

Crazy! Even more mad than them landing on those tennis courts at the Streatham Kite Fest a few years back - you have gotta have respect