Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Home again.

Our final morning and the sun was streaming in from the start of the day. As hoped, we would not be having to pack up in the rain, there's nothing worse than trying to pack up a wet tent, especially as I have nowhere at home where I can possibly open it up to dry out.
A final breakfast of bacon rolls and then we started the packing. It didn't take half as long as it did setting up and we were on our way by 10:30.
A quick run down the motorway with one brief stop for a pee then back into Covent Garden. I remembered for once to set my trip meter before we left and found the journey to be exactly 160 miles. Barnaby gave me a hand to unload, which was very helpful seeing as how the scaffolders blocked any local parking. I'm sure I'll be seeing more of scaffolders and builders between now and Christmas as they do the cyclical works on the building.
Dropped Barnaby back home then came back and started on a mountain of laundry and cleaning. At last, there is a pic as promised. As usual you may click on it for a full set of the camping pics.
I'm knackered now, so off to bed soon.

Late addition @ August 28th. At last I have managed to get online for your enjoyment a rough edit of the video we took.

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