Sunday, August 21, 2005

Summer Garden Party

A very pleasant afternoon spent with the neighbours in the communal garden. The garden has been here now for nearly 3 years and is maturing nicely. Good to catch up with the neighbours over a glass of wine, some idle chit chat and banter with people I've not really had a good chat with for ages.
What makes it all the more pleasant is that since it used to be a tarmacced area, the new planting and structures (including the stained glass window I made for the garden hut) have all matured nicely, making this a wonderful spacious but private area, right in the middle of Covent Garden, overlooked but a few flats, but not so overlooked that you'd feel you were being watched.
In fact, now that it's matured to the point of not looking so spartan and new, (and the fact that my wifi is accessable down there) I have promised myself that I really will take the opportunity to get down there more often and make the most of it. Pity now that the end of summer is in site, but I really will be down there, at least once a week for some nice 'me' time with the plants and the fresh air.

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