Saturday, September 17, 2005

Alight Night

I said earlier that it was going to be a busy weekend and it certainly has been so far. As part of Uncle Ken Livingstone's attempt to get people back into London, the Thames Festival this year had had a huge cash injection to put on some spectaular events. I wandered down around 7pm to go have a look at what he had planned for this year. Starting at the Tate Modern, the gardens outside had been converted into an outdoor sort of rave. Robert Miles was playing live with some cool projections onto a huge helium filled balloon suspended outside. Further along in the garden by the Oxo Tower, was a geodesic domed tent with yet another rave type event inside, complete with some great projections. All along the riverbank where various market stalls, lights, buskers, packed out with families having a great time out. Further along beside the Jubilee Bridge, a barge in the middle of the river was playing more music, with video projected onto a huge screen of foggy mist. I wandered back over the bridge, struggling past the crowds to watch the end of the event before heading on home. The pics are here, however due to the camera not being so good in low light, apologies if they are a bit crap.

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