Thursday, April 07, 2005

The end of the world, some waffle and a few predictions.

Weather is a strange thing. Last weekend we were hanging around in the docklands, almost sunbathing weather. Today, the heavens open like the end of the world is about to happen! The accompanying pic is the view of the Goswell Road just as I was leaving work today. Hail stones the size of, well, hail stones actually. One hell of a lot of them, and God do they hurt!!!

So, a little news roundup. Popey died, been laying in state all this week, even though he's not yet been embalmed so I guess he's probably starting to go off a bit. Anyway, the funeral is tomorrow, then we can get on with seeing who the next one is. I've got a few quid on the Brazilian guy Hummes. Reckon he stands a good chance at 8-1. On the subject of betting, I've had a few quid also on Hedgehunter in the Grand National since mid February when he was in the running at 22-1, now favourite at 8-1, so hopefully I'll pick up a nice little earner there. My track record of picking National winners is quite good, having wagered on Miinnehoma at 16-1 a few years back and last year getting Amberleigh House at 14-1.

Anyway, this years race has been put back by 25 minutes due to the impending royal wedding with Chas & Cam (if it ever actually goes ahead). Rumour has it that it has been rushed forward due to the Queen having a "serious illness" which could well see a King in the not too distant future. Has to be said that she's not really been seen in public lately, suprising really when you consider the marriage at the weekend. No doubt we will see her on the box on Saturday, and Sunday's papers will be full of reports about how rough she looks. Pity I can't seem to get odds on her popping her clogs from any bookies at the moment. Of course if Philip outlives her then he'll be the 'King Dad', and certainly won't be as much loved as the Queen Mum was.

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